How to Pick the Right Webcam Model

There’s a lot of webcam platforms on the internet. These platforms feature a wide variety of performers. We’re talking about women with different hairstyles, hair colors, body types, personalities, you name it. It’s really like seeing the whole rainbow, if you will, of humanity, strip down, suck dick, play with themselves, show off their asses and do all sorts of naughty stuff for your private viewing pleasure.

Sounds great, right? Well, that’s the promise, but as you probably already know, there’s a big difference between the hype and the reality. Sadly, if you just jump in there with both feet and when you check out all sorts of websites, you might find out that model after model, you’re not getting turned on.

Sure, they got great tits. Sure, they suck dick or they finger their pussy in front of you, but something’s missing. And if you have this impression one time too many, listen up. You don’t have to quit. In fact, it’s a very simple solution you’re looking for. You just need to know how to pick the right webcam model.

Pay attention to the following selection criteria so you can make sure that you will get the right performer each and every time.

She Fits Your Personal Preferences

Every guy has their own preference. Some guys like big girls, other guys like really, really thin chicks. Some guys prefer chicks that look really young, other guys prefer women with blue hair and tons of tattoos. Different strokes for different folks.

Hey, we all come from different backgrounds, we see different angles of the world, and we are definitely entitled to our own preferences. Don’t be ashamed of not only having your own personal preferences, but don’t think twice about sticking by them because they are, after all, your very own. Nobody can take that away from you. You are entitled to that.

She Has the Right Attitude

Make no mistake about it, attitude counts for a lot. I mean, I’ve been with a lot of good looking women, but good looks can only go so far. She has to have the right attitude. In fact, the best girlfriends that I’ve ever had are actually women that a lot of guys think are downright ugly. But they have an amazing perspective of the world. They make you feel great, it feels great making them feel great, and it’s a good time. So make sure you don’t overlook attitude.

Her Schedule Fits Your Schedule

There are lots of webcam models from all over the United States and Europe and pretty much all over the planet. I’m sure the only place that you probably won’t find webcam models is Iran or North Korea. Everywhere else in between, there is sure to be some women who want to make money modelling online.

Keep this in mind because you might find a really great model, but she might be in a time zone that’s very different from yours. So make sure you select using your schedule and time zone.

You’ve Seen a Sample of Her Work Online

This is very important because there are lots of models out there that look great in their advertising. The description makes them look like they’re amazing sexual rockets, but when it comes time to actually strip in front of a cam, they get scared or they clam up or they develop a nervous twitch. None of these situations are good.

It would be nice to get some advance warning. It would be awesome to get some sort of taste test of how they actually perform in front of a live cam. This is why it’s really a good idea to check out all the Tube or Porn Tube sites out there and look up her name or the name of the platform she’s on and really do your research because hey, you worked hard for your money.

Sure, you’re tipping this chick to strip, finger herself, get her boyfriend to fuck her in front of the camera, but it’s still your money. You sacrificed for that money. So do yourself a big favor and value the time and effort you put into earning your income enough to do some research because it’s too easy to waste money on cam sites. You probably don’t need me to remind you of that fact.

She Has a Track Record of Being Easy to Talk To

Let’s get one thing straight. There are tons of women online that look really great, have awesome attitudes and they fuck like rabbits. I mean, it’s just a pleasure watching them. It’s nice to see a sexual performer who truly loves her work. But the problem is, there are many of them that are very hard to talk to.

The main reason why guys watch webcam shows instead of just enjoying porno is because there’s this two-way interaction. It’s like a command performance. Meaning, you tell her, okay take off your bra, and she takes off her bra. And then you tease her and she makes you laugh and you crack a few jokes. There is a lot lost in translation when the chick is a babe and you really can’t talk to her.

So don’t underestimate the value of this quality because it really makes all the difference in the world. With everything else being equal, make sure that there is a two-way communication so a lot of heat goes both ways.

She Feeds Off the Crowd’s Energy

Real performers get really excited that the crowds watching them are excited. This is how you can tell a real professional performer from just somebody who is just going through the motions because they need to pay the rent that month.

She Isn’t Lazy

Lazy performers are all over the place. If you have watched cam shows, you probably already know this. You probably are pissed off about it and you’re bummed out. I know exactly where you’re coming from because lazy performers make it abundantly clear that they’re just doing it for the money.

They are not doing it for sexual expression, they’re not doing it for exploring their free spirit, they’re not doing it for any of that. They’re just doing it for the money. In fact, some of them are addicted to substances. Whether it’s alcohol or other legal or perhaps illegal substances, we don’t really know. At this point, we really don’t care. All we care about is this chick is fucking lazy.

So do yourself a big favor, look at previous samples of her work online. Pay attention to the reviews. And I’m talking about real reviews, not bullshit reviews that are written by affiliates. Read between the lines.

Keep all the information above in mind so you can stop wasting your money. Let me tell you, it’s very easy to get jaded watching webcam model entertainment. Really. It’s very easy to just think that it’s all bullshit and it’s not worth your time and money. But the good news is, there are amazing professional performers out there that guarantee a great time. You just have to have the system and the method of finding them.

The good news is, once you find them, you can rest easy and not have to worry about finding other performers because you have hit the mother lode. You have found performers that will deliver a great time, each and every time.


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