Most Guys Miss Out on How Awesome Cam Entertainment Can Be

Most guys are really missing out when it comes to adult entertainment because a lot of them automatically assume that the only way you can watch and enjoy anything adult online is by watching porno.

Now, I can understand why this is the case because it seems that there are tons of tube sites all over the internet. In fact, there’s just so many of them, it’s like seeing all these mushrooms pop up after a hard summer’s rain in the American Northwest. It’s crazy. But the problem is, you really should never equate abundance with quality.

Quality and quantity are not joined at the hip. In fact, in many cases, they go in opposite directions. A good argument could be made for this when it comes to porno. For every good porn video from a tube site, there are tons of other crappy and really forgettable garbage.

And if you watch all of that stuff, it’s easy to get addicted. You’re no longer aiming for quality. Instead, you’re just looking to get off. It’s kind of like developing an addiction to sugar. You’re just eating candy after candy because you don’t really care about the flavor at that point. You just want to get your sugar high.

The same goes with porn. You no longer care about the performer, the setting or whether there’s real sexual chemistry or heat. None of that truly matters. You just want to get enough basic physical stimuli to get yourself off and then you go on to the next one, and so on and so forth.

Porn addiction can be a serious problem because of that because you no longer look at the people. And I bring up this disturbing and, in many cases, inconvenient fact because there is a better alternative. That’s right, you can do so much better.

And the type of entertainment I’m talking about is, of course, cam entertainment or webcam or sexcam entertainment. Whatever word you use for it, it all boils down to a female performer stripping down in front of a camera. There may be one guy watching or thousand of guys from all over the planet, but that’s the same basic dynamic.

She can do all sorts of stuff in front of the camera. It doesn’t have to necessarily be solo. She can be using toys, she can have her boyfriend there, or you can have two girls going at it. The possibilities are endless, and the great thing about this format is that it’s an open-ended format. Anything goes. It can be so much more.

It’s not just a simple show where a chick is just talking to a camera. I mean, you can get that watching YouTube videos. I mean, there’s tons of chicks just talking to a camera, but in this case, she’s stripping. And that’s just the beginning.

So what exactly are you missing out on?


You can customize the action. You tell the chick to strip, she strips. Tell her to pinch her nipples, she pinches her nipples. Tell her to part her labia or play with her vulva, or if you don’t know what those words mean, just play with her pussy and she will do that.

This sense of control where you direct the action is sorely missing from canned porn entertainment. With porno, you’re basically just stuck with either 12 guys and one chick, or two girls feasting on one lucky guy’s stiff, hard cock. That’s pretty much it. It’s preset.

The only input from you is when you’re doing the search and then you’re screening the screen caps or watching the tiny snippets, but that’s pretty much it. You’re still at the mercy of the creator of the content.

This is not the case when you are watching live cam entertainment because there’s a lot of heat generated when you’re communicating with a performer because she’s sending signals, and you’re sending signals, and there’s all sorts of possibilities available to you, and almost none of that is on the table when it comes to canned entertainment. It doesn’t even compare. Seriously.

Control is Sexy

This sense of control, ultimately, is sexy. Let’s face it, most of us live in a world we did not create. Often times, we feel like we’re just going through the motions. If you’re a typical red-blooded American male, I’m sure, at some level or another, you notice the typical American life cycle.

You go to school, you get a job, you jump from job to job, you get married, you get a house, you get kids, and then your house gets bigger and bigger, and then it gets smaller and smaller, and then you retire, then they put you in a box or put you in an urn. That’s the standard North American life cycle.

It’s not much different from seeing a caterpillar turn into a cocoon and then turn into a butterfly and then back to eggs and a caterpillar again, and so on and so forth. So there is a sense of lack of control here. While you are making certain decisions, ultimately, it’s all going to lead to the same place.

You get a chance to take a break from that when you’re directing an honest exchange of sexual expression from your cam girl. Maybe you’re renting her time for 5 to 10 minutes, but there is an opportunity to break out of that fixed script that your life seems to be stuck on otherwise.

So this is sexy to a lot of guys because believe me, the sense of release is amazing because you’re released from the typical script of your life. There’s a disruption in your personal narrative, at least for that small block of time.

It’s not a surprise that guys go back to the same cam girl over and over again because they give her a break. They don’t want to be her boyfriend. A lot of them definitely don’t want to marry her, but it just gives them a break from what would otherwise be just a sense of going through the motions and filing one form after the other on your way to who knows where.

One to One Intimacy

When a woman is stripping in front of you at a strip bar, it’s cheesy, let’s face it. I’m a veteran of several strip bars in Southern California and elsewhere and it’s annoying because there’s a lot of other guys there, and then you have tits in front of your face and this chick’s obviously just jiggling them and shaking her pussy in your face just to get a few dollars more. There’s no intimacy there because there’s other people there. Even if you are in a private strip booth, it seems forced and contrived.

All that dynamic goes away when you are in an online strip room. The reason why that goes away is because you’re in the privacy of your room watching this cam, which beams a room that a chick is alone in. So you’re alone, she’s alone, and this sense of intimacy is really sexy.

If you’ve ever exchanged cam videos with your lover and she’s fingering herself while you’re jerking off, you can recreate that sense of intimacy with a cam girl because distance is not an issue. Setting is not an issue.

A lot of guys say that cam entertainment is really just an online strip show. Believe me, it’s so much more because the dynamics are different. The ingredients are different. Sure, on a technical level, you’re paying a chick to take off her clothes in front of you, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s just a strip show just like you would get at a strip bar down the street from you.

The dynamics are different because the sense of privacy you get watching that stuff in your room helps you enjoy it and it really unleashes a different dynamic of personal expression from her end as well as yours. It truly is something else and, as along as you pick the right performer, you can take your enjoyment of adult entertainment to a much higher level. Believe me, there is a lot better entertainment out there than just watching porn.


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