Do girls like to watch men masturbate?

Usually, when a woman catches her lover masturbating, she reacts negatively, which is rather odd. There is nothing weird with wanting to wank it off, that is our natural instinct. This brings us to the main topic, do women enjoy watching men masturbate? We all know that men love to see women get down and dirty, spread their legs wide open and pleasure themselves. But, what about the other way around?

Some women like it

Just like with most fetishes, some women actually enjoy watching men masturbate. It can be arousing seeing a dude tug his cock until he reaches an orgasm. Sometimes it can also be educational, as many women reported that they searched for masturbation videos just to see what men enjoy.

On the other hand, some women only enjoy watching their lovers masturbate. This means that some beauties prefer to watch their boyfriend, husband or SO masturbate in front of them, but they would never actually search for a random masturbation video. But there are more and more women especially single women who are busy either with work or family that use cam sites like Masturbate2Gether to find guys to masturbate with, not only do they get off on seeing men hard and watching them masturbate but they get off on being watched as well.

Others don’t like it

Just like you have women who enjoy seeing a dude whip it out and masturbate, there are women who hate seeing that. We have all had that one girlfriend who was petrified of catching us in the act of self-pleasure, even though that is something completely natural, and something everyone loves to do.

Masturbating together

It is recommended for couples to do that early in their relationship; watching each other masturbate can lead to a better understanding of what you both enjoy in bed, and thus your sexual connection can be a lot stronger. You can teach your women how to give a proper hand job, from the rhythm to pacing and speed or who to mix it up. The beauty of this is that you get to show her just how you like to do it.

In fact, couples who masturbate together are known to have better sexual relationships, than those who shy away from masturbation. If you can teach your woman how to give you the perfect handjob, or the other way around, you will feel a lot more comfortable asking for different fetish-related tasks in bed.

How to bring it up?

When it comes to masturbation, you should not surprise your better half. Instead, you should talk to your girlfriend/wife first. Keep in mind that some women might love the idea of mutual masturbation, while you have women who absolutely hate it. You should be ready for both those answers and be able to accept them.

Just because you and your lover do not masturbate together, does not mean that you cannot have a long and healthy relationship, but if you are too awkward and embarrassed in bed, masturbating together might just be the right step to make your sexual needs known.

Creating the right mood

There is a time and place for everything, and you should know that even though women might enjoy watching men masturbate, it all depends on the settings. If the mood is right, you can get away with a lot of things! However, there is a big difference between watching a handsome hunk online or seeing a random dude on the street wanking off.

In addition, it also depends on how you masturbate. If you would like to get your woman interested in your masturbation, you might want to give it some spunk as well. Tugging on your dick hardcore with the “Let’s get this over with” attitude, will definitely dry her up like a dessert. But if you add some sensual play, she might love it!

It all depends!

There are a number of factors that could decide whether a woman enjoys watching a man masturbate. Some beauties only enjoy watching their lovers do it, while others love finding videos of handsome dudes jerking off. At the end of the day, it all comes down to each woman’s personal preference.


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  1. My wife loves watching me masturbate or more precisely edge. I have edged for over 25 years and I edge 2 to 3 hours a day with cum day the third day. On cum day I usually cum twice due to volume buildup. Edging increases control, erection and semen volume. It’s an incredible way to enjoy masturbation; after 20 minutes I get into this incredible pleasure zone my wife enjoys watching. Sometimes I edge through intercourse with a lot of lube because that can last for over an hour and my wife usually orgasms several times. Cum day is usually through foot sex.

  2. I love shaving and smoking up and really getting into stroking my 12 “cock and playing with my smoooth big balls that are full of cum🤪🤪🤪


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