Most Guys Miss Out on How Awesome Cam Entertainment Can Be

Most guys are really missing out when it comes to adult entertainment because a lot of them automatically assume that the only way you can watch and enjoy anything adult online is by watching porno.

Now, I can understand why this is the case because it seems that there are tons of tube sites all over the internet. In fact, there’s just so many of them, it’s like seeing all these mushrooms pop up after a hard summer’s rain in the American Northwest. It’s crazy. But the problem is, you really should never equate abundance with quality.

Quality and quantity are not joined at the hip. In fact, in many cases, they go in opposite directions. A good argument could be made for this when it comes to porno. For every good porn video from a tube site, there are tons of other crappy and really forgettable garbage.

And if you watch all of that stuff, it’s easy to get addicted. You’re no longer aiming for quality. Instead, you’re just looking to get off. It’s kind of like developing an addiction to sugar. You’re just eating candy after candy because you don’t really care about the flavor at that point. You just want to get your sugar high. Continue reading “Most Guys Miss Out on How Awesome Cam Entertainment Can Be”